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We are actively searching for sponsors passionate about engaging with and supporting today’s youth and parents. Sponsorship is crucial for our programs to reach new audiences, to allow more teens and parents of teens to access our bootcamps, and to grow the Inside> Out movement. The  ripple effect of bringing together  like minded, purpose-driven  organizations and individuals creates a better future, one where we all flourish..When youth succeed, we all succeed. 

All our offerings are designed for social impact through  youth MEpowerment, mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence, equity in action,  innovation, creative and critical thinking. We are dedicated to reframing, reinventing and realizing the future of living, learning and working for this next generation.

If your organization is looking to support social impact in Canada or around the world, expanding your CSR or ESG efforts, reach out to us at

There are many different ways to get involved, contribute to and benefit from youth engagement. It is always a win-win. Our charity status and  tax receipts are pending.

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We appreciate all donations (financial and/or pro bono services in-kind services) to aid us in guiding as many teens as possible in going inside to develop their emotional intelligence towards living their best lives, irrespective of what is going on around them.

Thank you in advance for donating to our Go Fund Me campaign here.

Those who have services in kind to offer, please visit here.

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