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Frequently asked questions


What is the InsideOut Initiative?

Founded in 2021, we’re a social enterprise on a mission to change the world, especially the lived experience of youth. Why? Because youth deserve better and they will create a better future for all. Learn more about what we’re doing and why here.

What's behind ioi?
  • We take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the human experience in order to devise a systematic approach to guiding people in living their best lives. Being human doesn’t come with an operating manual. We think it should.

  • We integrate theoretical ideals with practical application in the reality of  today’s world.

  • Discoveries from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, polyvagal theory, quantum physics, psychosynthesis, energy psychology, philosophy, history as well as best practices in business, design thinking, innovation, economics, the creative arts, nature and community development, are woven together to create a holistic yet simple working model for making the most of our lives.

How can i get involved?

It takes a village. The more of us that come together to show every young person that they belong the more impact we can have. We are in need of advocates, in-kind services, subject matter experts, sponsors, funding and media support. We look forward to connecting

Do you have a e-newsletter I can sign up for?

Yes. Sign up here. We only reach out when we have something new to share.

Are there ioi giftcards?

Not yet. In the meantime you can purchase a coaching package or e-course registration and gift it to someone. Use their name and email address, or use your own and we can transfer it. Reach out to

Does ioi have a community membership?

Not yet but one is in the works. If you have ideas on what it could look like we'd love to hear them. Connect with us at


Is this crisis support?
  • No. If you or someone you know is in crisis, we encourage you to reach out immediately to Kids Help Phone to talk or text with someone qualified and eager to support you. 

  • Many crisis support services are also available to parents. Contact details for several can be found here.

Is this private and confidential?
  • 100%. Our programs and services are all about helping you discover your best life so it gets personal! But it stays personal. What you share, reveal, and discuss with us is both private and confidential.  

  • To understand our website and personal data privacy policy click here.

How do I register for programs?

Online registration is available for our e-courses. To discuss or register for individual coaching or school programs, contact us at +1.416.558.1378 or


Can I get a refund if i change my mind?

To keep our services as accessible as possible, we are unable to offer refunds.  You are able to reapply a registration from one service to another. Coaching packages can also be delayed and are always scheduled at your convenience. An e-course  registration will not expire so you can participate at any time. If you would like to switch programs or transfer a registration or coaching package to someone else, learn how in the next FAQ.

Can I transfer my course registration to someone else?

Yes. Send us an email at including both the email address you registered with and the email address you would like to transfer your registration to and we’ll redirect the course login details to their email address.

Can I exchange my registration for something else?

Yes. Send us an email at including the email address you registered with, indicating the course you registered for and the course you would like to replace it with and we will email you a new login link. If the registration fees are not the same, we will refund you the difference or require additional payment.

Still have questions? Great! We’d love to hear from you. 

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