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Discover who you are and what you're meant to do with your life.

There IS a formula for figuring out life and your career path. Find it here.

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About the Course

In high school, you discover what you’re really good at and that’s half the equation. To love life, you also need to know what you love to do. What you’re meant to do. What energizes you. You know the phrase ‘that’s it!’? Well, you need to find your IT.

In acadeME, you’ll explore what makes you uniquely you. Why bother, you might ask? Because when you know who you are, what you’re meant to do becomes obvious. And when you’re doing what you’re meant to do, life is better.


The change in my son has been transformative. He is self assured and hopeful now.

Michelle D.


Why Take this Course?

Through this self-insight journey, youth will:

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Get super clear on who you are & what you want out of life.

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See what you have in common with others & what makes you unique.

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Learn how what you’ve experienced in life has shaped you into who you are.

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To feel good about yourself, your life and life in general.

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To create your MeMap that details your passions, your personal purpose, and what to pursue in life to live to your fullest potential

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What is a MeMap? Your personal life roadmap to guide your decisions. A one page summary of you that acts as a hyper-personal go-to compass for successfully navigating life.

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For every registration we invite a youth in need to complete the course free of charge. If you would like to direct your donation, let us know at You’re doing something good for yourself and for someone else.

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Who is this For?

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Youth looking to live their best life

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Youth unsure of who they are or what they want to do with their lives

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Youth needing to make a big life decision (ie. post secondary education or career choice)

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Youth struggling to see their potential

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Youth discouraged or fearful of the future

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Youth wanting to make an impact

How the Course Works


Self directed - take it at your own pace


6 modules including 35 thought-provoking videos & 7 do-it-yourself activities


a live one-hour virtual private coaching session to aid in completing your MeMap


Certificate of completion to showcase your self insight to prospective employers +/or educational institutions


What People Ask

  • What age group is this for?
    While it’s designed for the psychosocial developmental stage of 14-21, it’s open to all youth. The recommended minimum age is 12.
  • What if my child is neurodivergent?
    Our peer review council included a neurodivergent subject matter expert who is confident this course will be impactful for the neurodiverse population, and we’re seeing that play out with neurodivergent registrations.
  • Is this for youth with mental health challenges?
    Yes and no. This is not therapy. However, it is designed to guide youth to see their unique potential which improves self worth, mood, intrinsic motivation and energy.
  • What does this cost?
    $369 per person. We are a social enterprise with a goal to make this as accessible as possible. We match all registrations with a registration for a youth in need.
  • Can I cancel a course registration + get a refund?
    No. Given our commitment to making this experience as accessible as possible, we are unable to offer refunds. Your registration will not expire so you can participate at any time.
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